Will you help us make our conferences more accessible and more enriching?

As a college ministry, Campus Fellowship is about four things: For Christ. For His Church. For Campus. For Culture. Everything we do falls under one of these banners. The first is the most important—For Christ. As we seek to be For Christ, by God's power we seek to help students know, love, and serve Jesus. Following Jesus's example, we regularly try to take time out of our busy schedules and get away with our students (Mark 7:24, 31, 8:10, 27). We have seen these breaks be used by God in transforming students' lives.

  • In the fall we have the Fall Conference, in which we gather.
  • In the winter we have the Winter Retreat, in which we rest.
  • In the spring we have our Spring Break Mission Trip, in which we ignite.
  • Lastly, in the summer we have our Summer Leadership Training, in which we train.

Each break is different, but all are meant to grow our students in Christ-centered G.R.I.T. (gather, rest, ignite, and train).

Please consider giving to our "For Christ. For Conferences." budget. Every dollar will be used to make these breaks more accessible, more enriching, and more excellent.

Our Goal

What could $3,000 do?

  • Greater Accessibility: We could provide 20 Fall Conference scholarships.
  • More Enriching: We could provide campuses that attend team building experiences or create staff enrichment experiences.

Our Dream

What could $25,000 do?

  • Greater Accessibility: We could provide 40 Fall Conference scholarships, 25 Winter Retreat scholarships, 25 Mission Trip scholarships, and 40 Summer Leadership Training scholarships.
  • More Enriching: We could bring in a keynote speaker or a worship band for our Fall Conference.

Is this tax-exempt?

Yes! Campus Fellowship is registered with the state of Iowa as a 501(c)(3) organization and has tax exempt status.

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